Taking Sides

Consider this list of controversial questions from American politics:

  • Should there be a path to citizenship for the children of undocumented immigrants?
  • Should the country's energy policy be affected by climate change?
  • Should the government have access to the phone and internet activities of American citizens?
  • Should a gun buyer undergo a background check?

Answer these questions for yourself. Then, select the issue you feel most passionate about. Construct a fully fleshed out argument for the opposite position from yours on this issue, in 1-2 pages. Use the rhetorical strategies discussed during this unit. Fill out the Debate Organizer handout to help you organize your arguments.

Use these resources if you need help constructing your argument:

Keep in mind that you will not be using your argument in a live debate during this activity; however, the same principles of argumentation may help you formulate a persuasive argument.