Protests from Berkeley to Kent State

montage of 1960s protest photos
The 1960s were years of protest and change: student protests, the free speech movement, civil rights marches, antiwar demonstrations.
photo of a free speech rally
In the Free Speech Movement, thousands of students at UC Berkeley protested the college's ban on political leafleting. This led to a more widespread student movement across the country.
photo of an anti-Vietnam war protest
In the antiwar movement during the Vietnam War, students led the country to question involvement in a war that many felt was immoral.
photo of a college girl handing a flower to a police officer during a protest
The historical record of this tumultuous time is rich with news reports, personal accounts, music, video, and more, allowing us to see these stories through the eyes of those who lived them.
photo of student shot and on the ground at Kent State
In this assignment, you will study the student movement and the antiwar movement of the 1960s. You'll examine the social changes brought on by one movement, and answer for yourself whether the movement's goals were achieved.

About this Assignment

In this assignment you will:

  • Discuss several protest movements of the 1960s.
  • Locate, read, interpret, and evaluate primary and secondary sources pertaining to selected protest movements.
  • Take extensive notes on protest movements from gathered sources and organize them to support an expository essay.
  • Summarize important events in the selected protest movements including the reactions of prominent groups at the time.
  • Write an expository essay explaining the history of the movement and concluding with an evaluation of the degree to which its goals were achieved.