College Readiness Assignments (CRAs):

  • CRAs are stand alone lessons designed by high school and college faculty to prepare students for college and career success.
  • CRAs make explicit expectations for success in entry-level college courses for students, parents, and teachers.
  • CRAs build key cognitive skills, foundational skills, and content knowledge that the state has identified as leverage points for college and career success.


CRAs at a Glance

What is in a CRA?

  • Instructor Task Information
    • Overview of the assignment
    • Instructional plan
    • Scaffolding/Instructional Support
    • Solutions
    • TEKS and CCRS
  • Student Notes – with an introduction to the assignment and directions
  • Student Handouts – including worksheets, activities, and reading passages
  • Scoring Guide – a scoring rubric aligned to the CCRS and accompanied by college ready descriptions for each skill assessed in the CRA

Who can use CRAs?

  • High school instructors and students
  • Community college instructors and students
  • 4-year college/university instructors and students

Buzz about CRAs

  • “The CRAs are fantastic. . . I saw very positive results from the CRA I did, and the students learned a lot.” -- Community College Mathematics instructor
  • “This is a fantastic lesson! Students will be highly engaged and challenged at the same time.” -- High School Social Studies instructor
  • “[I had] a young lady who started this assignment with poor attitude: 'It's just the same ole' same ole'.' Later on, I overheard her remark to her group that she didn't know that there was so much 'other stuff' in a textbook. As she got into the assignment, her interest took a major turn for the better.” -- 4-year University English Language Arts instructor




Building a Readiness Culture

While most schools agree about the importance of college and career readiness, many students leave high school without the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed. The state of Texas developed the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) as a first step toward widely identifying these skills. To build on this work, the Profile Planning Guide supports local improvement planning that better aligns Texas educational systems with the CCRS and with evidence-based college and career readiness principles. By prompting group reflection on how students demonstrate essential knowledge and skills, the Profile Planning Guide will help clarify and deepen district and campus understanding of college and career readiness. College Readiness Assignments play an integral part of the Profile Planning Guide. To learn more about the Profile Planning Guide, please visit txccrsc.org.


College Readiness Assignments

Use the portals below to go directly to the CRAs.  These CRAs, as well as 10 Independent Study CRAs, are also accessible via the CRAs tab in the main menu.