Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. Your instructor will indicate a controversial issue and the position on it that you are to defend.
  2. Search the Internet for sources and arguments that support your assigned position.
  3. Read through these sources, and decide which ones have the most reliable and accurate information.
  4. Identify what you believe are the best 7 sources you have found.



  1. Use the criteria found in the guide, Evaluating Information Found on the Internet, to evaluate each of the 7 sources you believe are the best.
  2. Fill out a Web Site Evaluation Checklist for each site. Be sure to open and save a new PDF form for each site.
  3. Based on evaluating each website, identify what you now believe are the top three sources you have found.


Drawing Conclusions

Write a 3-4 page evaluative essay justifying your chosen sources. Be sure to use concrete details from your research. Use the writing resources on the following pages to assist you as you compose your essay.

Remember to save your work. Depending on your instructor's preference, you may print or email the finished paper for grading and feedback.