Exploring a College Textbook

Once you are familiar with a textbook's layout, it's time to take a closer look into the contents.

For this exercise you are to review at least three other college-level textbooks. These textbooks may be supplied by your teacher; or you may find these books in your school or public library; or as a last choice, you may review the following open source textbooks:

Because you are likely to use both hardcopy and digital textbooks in college, select one of each type, if available. Also, choose subject matter you find intriguing and which provides a level of difficulty that is challenging but not insurmountable.

After browsing at least three (3) college-level textbooks (high school textbooks should not be used), select one textbook to explore further.

Activity Instructions

  1. For your selected textbook, investigate the textbook's contents by completing the Exploring a College Textbook worksheet. This worksheet is provided below as an interactive PDF form:
    Exploring a College Textbook
  2. Complete the worksheet and submit to your teacher for review and feedback. If you are completing this CRA on your own, ask a mentor to review your completed worksheet.