Exploring a College Textbook

An open textbook with post-it-notes between the pages.

Using college textbooks is different from high school: professors use textbooks in different ways; reading levels and organization are different; and instead of borrowing the textbook from the school, you must purchase a copy for yourself.

Often professors will cover textbook materials on quizzes or exams that were never covered in class. You must study and learn directly from the textbook and use it to help you review material you have learned in and out of class, too.

Professors might not provide much guidance, so you must independently develop reading and study strategies to access the information you need. You pay big bucks for college textbooks – value them! Because you own them, annotate and mark them up to suit your own needs. Plan to make notes in margins and to highlight portions of your books.

About this Assignment

In this assignment, you will:

  • Examine a variety of textbook features to increase your understanding of the information the textbook contains.
  • Develop concrete strategies for understanding and reviewing significant information from the textbook.
  • Synthesize information presented on one content page of the textbook, preferably a page that includes a graphic or other visual.