Essay Writing Assignment

Now that you have worked through several important steps of understanding and analyzing this text, write an essay in which you discuss the audience, purpose, and message of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "A Letter from a Birmingham Jail." Remember that you have already completed the preliminary work for this essay; now you simply need to put your thoughts together into an essay form. In your essay, be sure to:

  • Identify the historical context of the letter and draw inferences about prevailing public opinions or concerns that influenced King and then connect these to the content of King's letter.
  • Identify and analyze King's purpose and message to his intended audience.
  • Analyze King's use of rhetorical strategies to influence the reader, to evoke emotions from the reader, and to ensure that the reader understand his message.
  • Identify shifts in argument and explains how these shifts in argument affect meaning.
  • Be sure that your final draft uses language precisely and effectively, organizes your ideas logically and fluidly, conforms to conventions of standard academic English, and cites source materials correctly and ethically.

Do not work about length/page limit for this essay; concern yourself only with answering the prompt and questions thoroughly. When you are don, save your essay, and submit your final draft to your teacher for review and feedback. If you are completing this CRA on your own, ask a mentor to read your essay and provide feedback.