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Dirt Bike Chain Lube in 2023

Anyone who rides dirt bikes knows that the chain is a delicate part of the machine. Dirt bike chains have a high probability of being damaged and need to be replaced on almost all riding conditions. Being a mechanical device, the chain needs maintenance to keep it in good operating condition.
In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best chain lubes for dirt bikers.

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What should I lube my dirt bike chain with?

It is important to keep your dirt bike chain clean and properly lubricated in order to prevent corrosion and maintain optimal performance. To clean the chain, you can use compressed air or a clean rag. After cleaning, be sure to give the chain a shot of AMSOIL MP to displace any water that may be present. Then, apply AMSOIL Chain Lube to the entire length of the chain. This will help to protect the chain from corrosion and keep it running smoothly.

Should you lube a dirt bike chain?

Yes, you should lube a dirt bike chain. Using a dedicated chain lube that is designed to avoid attracting dirt to the chain before each ride or race is the best way to extend the life of your chain and keep it running smoothly.

Is White Lithium Grease good for dirt bike chains?

Lithium grease can work as a chain lube for a dirt bike. However, you may need to use it more often than other types of chain lube. This is because most motorcycle chain lubes have additives that help to minimize fling-off. You may also need to clean the rear wheel more often when using lithium grease.

Can I use engine oil as chain lube?

While it is possible to use engine oil as chain lube, it is not recommended. Motor oil has a high viscosity, which makes it difficult for the oil to penetrate the inner chain. In turn, the thickness of the oil can impact the drag force of your bike and cause the chain to slip. Additionally, motor oil can attract dirt and grime, which can further clog up your chain.

Should I use wet or dry chain lube?

The best chain lube for your bicycle will depend on the conditions in which you ride. If you live in a dry climate and don't ride in the rain or in muddy conditions, a dry lube will work well for you. Dry lubes are typically made with synthetic oils that don't attract dirt and grime, so they keep your chain clean. However, they don't last as long as wet lubes, so you'll need to reapply them more often. If you ride in wet or muddy conditions, or if you live in a humid climate, a wet lube will be a better choice. Wet lubes are made with thicker oils that help to protect your chain from rust and corrosion. They also last longer than dry lubes, so you won't need to reapply them as often. However, they can attract dirt and grime, so you'll need to clean your chain more often. Ultimately, it's a matter of personal preference and riding conditions. If you want the longest-lasting chain lube with the least amount of effort, go with a wet lube. If you want a cleaner chain with less frequent reapplication, go with a dry lube.

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