Compare Your Rhetorical Analysis

Here is an analysis of Dr. King's letter done by Michael O'Conner and revised by Laura Lacroix:

Color-Coded Analysis of Letter

Re-read King's letter in this PDF, paying close attention to the color-coding method used for analyzing the letter's features.

Next, open your own annotated version of the letter. Duplicate the color coding on your copy of the letter. Insert comments on any sections in which you do not understand the analysis or any sections in which you disagree with the analysis. In the white space below the letter, insert your own commentary – 1-3 paragraphs only – about what you have learned from the close reading and deeper analysis of the text.

Save the file, and submit a copy to your teacher for review and feedback. If you are completing this CRA on your own, ask a parent, classmate, or friend to read over your analysis and provide feedback.