Exploring a College Textbook

Exploring a College Textbook

CRA Description : 
This assignment asks students to navigate and use textbooks at a college level. Final Product: Students will write a 2-page analysis of the textbook used in the exercise. They will analyze the textbook’s organization and its methods of presenting information, as well as discuss strategies a reader might use to comprehend and remember material from this text. Students will also write a paragraph that synthesizes information found on one content page of the textbook.
Independent Study
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Key Concepts and Terms: 
Ancillary Materials
Appendix / Appendices
Supplemental Materials
Title Page
Prior Knowledge: 
Students should be comfortable using word processing software and have prior understanding of and practice in all parts of the writing process, including invention, drafting, revision, and proofreading. Students should be able to identify and explain the function of major features of a high-school textbook, such as the title page, authorʼs biography, preface, introduction, table of contents, index, and glossary.


I've used this CRA with my college level freshman students.  They were genuinely surprised by the deliberate organization of their textbooks and found this assignment helpful in helping them approach texts from several other courses.
This would also be a great assignment for high school juniors and seniors, preparing them to do well in their college or vocational courses.

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I find it relevant and valuable, but I would be a little more intentional and ask the students to write a summary of a specific concept or unit covered in class. The students will explore the book, but they also practice looking at the information in a different way from how it was previously presented, and they are made aware of the similitudes and differences.

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