Checking the Numbers

In this assignment, you will work with numbers you see many times in any day. Of course you're familiar with UPC barcodes and ISBN book numbers. But these numbers are more than product and title identifiers; there is actually a mathematical principle in their construction.

Retailers use these numbers daily, but how do they ensure that these numbers are entered correctly when an item is purchased? You will use a systematic method and mathematical principles to easily identify common errors in these frequently used numbers. You will provide written as well as mathematical answers to all questions included in the three stages of this assignment, including the extension, which will require some research.

About this Assignment

In this assignment, you will:

  • Determine the check digit of a UPC identification number and an ISBN number.
  • Analyze the effects of basic data entry errors.
  • Analyze errors in recording UPC identification numbers and ISBN numbers detected by its check digit method.
Image of a UPC scanning cash register.