Check Your Knowledge of College Textbooks (Part 2)

Now, you have the opportunity to practice the skills you just learned by annotating a second textbook sample. This exercise can also be turned in to your teacher for grading/feedback.

  1. Open the PDF of the sample book provided here.

    College Textbook Sample #2

  2. Use the built-in annotation features of Adobe Acrobat Reader to mark the parts of the textbook.

  3. As before, look through the pages to understand the organization and sections of the textbook. Using the insert text feature, label the location of any of the following pages that appear in the textbook:

    • Appendix / Appendices
    • Glossary
    • Index
    • Introduction
    • Preface
    • Title page
    • Table of contents
  4. Next, using the insert comment tool, make a note by each of the following features that explains how the layout of these features helps you use the textbook.

    • Headings and subheadings in the body of the text
    • Graphics and other visuals
    • Web and other ancillary materials
  5. Save a version of the PDF file to submit to your teacher for review and feedback.