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Best Tubeless Tape For Carbon Rims in 2023

Tubeless rims are the de-icer to choice for carbon wheels. They make it possible to install and remove carbon wheels with ease, they're also extremely durable, rustproof, and weather resistant. Let's take a look at the best ways to place and store the piece of mind on carbon rim installations. Sizing your tubeless ready rim is important because once you place it, there's nothing like keeping it in perfect shape all winter long. The trick is to get just the right fit for your wheel size & type. If you're using a metric wheel size, then measure where the inside diameter begins and the outside diameter ends of your tire. Then add 1/4 inch for each additional 1/2 an inch (including inflation) between centers of these measurements. If you're using a metric wheel type , then add an additional 1/8 inch on each side (excluding inflation) between centers of these measurements. You should end up with a tire that has at least one center line measurement that corresponds to your wheel size but also one that agrees with the other two measures when being added up.

Our Top Pics

Best Overall: Tufo Gluing Tape for Road Tubular Tires

This easy-to-use tape is perfect for Glued rim tires! Just remember to remove the tape before painting or painting with other adhesive materials. Our Tufo Gluing Tape is an all-purpose glue that will help keep your bike in good condition while on the road.

Best Budget: Epessa Bike Bicycle Rim Strip Rim Tape Fits

ThisEpessa rim strip tape is perfect for road bikes, as it is made of high quality PVC material that is environmentally friendly. It fits 8 sizes (12", 14", 20", 24" & 27.5"), and has a stretched length of 18mm. When you need to select a rim strip size for your bike, just consider the tire's width - think about what it is and not about the tire's pressure. Epessa makes a 700C nrr tube which is better in both cases.

Best Value: Muc Off Tubeless Rim Tape, 35mm - Pressure

If you’re looking for a tape that will keep your bike on the right terms, look no further than Muc-Off. This pressure-sensitive adhesive Tape is perfect for tubeless bicycles. It provides a great amount of stretch, making it perfect for quickly sealing airtight sealages.Semi-transparent for easy find, Muc-Off pink for exterior glare control.

Editor's Choice: DT Swiss Tape DT Tubeless Roll Rim

Our DT Swiss Tape Tubeless Rim Tape is the perfect way to keep your bike in great condition - it's lightweight, easy to use, and looks great.

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What is the Best Tubeless Tape for Carbon Rims?

While most manufacturers list the maximum recommended thicknesses for their tape, in reality, you should be able to fit your tire even if it's a smaller model. The main thickness you should be concerned about is the Kenda 10x10x10mm or so- thin variety. This thickness is ideal for use on a wide variety of surfaces such as brick walls, concrete, poles, etc. On the other hand, you should be able to fit your tire on a larger bike due to the added bulk that comes with it. The thinner the tire, the more room there is for both the rider and the car to fit. The thicker the tire, the more room there is for the bike to stand out. The Kenda variety is ideal for racing and off-road use.

Why You Need a Tubeless rim

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you're thinking about adding a new rim is the surface texture of your tire. A smooth surface allows for less wear and tear on your tires, while providing a secure grip for both your hands and the road. If your rims have a rough surface, then you'll have less traction and less control over the bike. A smooth surface also means less chance of punctures and other problems that can occur with harder surface tires.

How to place and store the piece of mind on carbon wheels

The trick to storing your piece of mind on carbon wheels is to make sure it's not sitting in a bag or other storage solution that can easily fall apart. If you keep your wheel in a bag or a cloche, it'll soon become impossible to keep track of what's inside. If you choose to place your piece of mind in a closed area such as a car or truck window, this also makes it difficult to track. If you don't mind losing your bike while you're driving, this could be a great solution. However, make sure you keep your wheel in a secure location where it doesn't come into direct contact with other objects. Keeping it in a closed space also keeps it from getting too hot or cold inside the car or truck.


When it comes to choosing the perfect piece of mind for your carbon bike, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure the model you choose is reliable, has been well-used, and has shown consistent performance. In addition, make sure the model is in good cosmetic condition. If the answer to all these questions doesn't answer you, then don't worry! We can help you choose the perfect piece of mind for your bike. In fact, if you thought the model you selected was old, broken, or missing parts, we can help you find the right replacement part for it.

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