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Best Motorcycle Gloves For Numb Hands in 2023

When you’re on a long ride, your hands are going to feel the strain. They’ll get numb from the vibrations and the winter weather, and after just an hour or so, you might end up with some pretty sore hands. For most people looking for gloves for riding their motorcycle, this means that they need to find a pair of gloves that will make it harder for their hands to go numb. The challenge is finding gloves that meet all of those criteria without sacrificing any other features. There are plenty of different kinds of gloves out there; finding the right pair isn’t always easy. Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle through trial and error if you read this article first! Here are some tips on what to look for in your next set of motorcycle gloves so that your hands will thank you later.

Our Top Pics

Best Overall: COFIT Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women

The COFIT Motorcycle Gloves are the perfect accessory for all your outdoor activities. These gloves are ideal for BMX, ATV, MTB riding, road racing, cycling, motocross, climbing and skating. The gloves come with a conductive metal fiber to allow use of touch screen devices. The COFIT Motorcycle Gloves have knuckle protection and palm pads that offer great protection to your hands. They also feature wear-resistant silicone gel in the palm area to increase grip of your handlebars and provide breathable material with air vents to keep you cool in any season.

Best Budget: Arltb Bike Gloves 3 Size 3 Colors Bicycle Cycling Biking Gloves Mitts Full Finger

Cycling gloves men are designed for mountain biking, road cycling and urban cycling. The palm pad is adopted to reduce the friction between your palm and handlebar. The elastic full finger mountain bike gloves will fit riders' hand and fingers closely, so you do not need to worry about wearing this bike gloves.

Best Value: INBIKE Breathable Mesh Motorcycle Gloves Touchscreen

INBIKE Breathable Mesh Motorcycle Gloves Touchscreen with TPR Palm Pad Hard Knuckles
-Unique design of the gloves,breathable and stretchy
-TPR pad in palm makes it more wear resistant
-EUDE FOAM material in the joint,effectively absorbing shock and reducing the impact of intense vibration

Editor's Choice: Alpinestars Men's SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Riding Glove, Black, Large

The SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Riding Glove is our newest iteration of the original SMX-1. The glove has been updated to include a new and improved synthetic suede zone for durability, additional abrasion resistance, and greater comfort. We've also added a hard polymer knuckle protection system for superior impact and abrasion resistance that's sure to last through countless hours on the bike. Finally, we've added stretch zones on the fingers and backhand for excellent range of hand movement and enhanced comfort. Whether you're commuting or going cross country, these gloves are an essential part of your motorcycle outfit.

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Buying Guides

Material Matters

When you’re shopping for a new pair of gloves, it’s worth keeping in mind that the type of material they’re made from will affect how they fit and how well they protect you. You’ll want to find gloves that have a snug fit so that they don’t fall off and can protect your hands in the event of a fall. It’s also important to make sure that whatever material you choose isn’t too thick; you don’t want your hands to overheat inside your gloves. There are a few different materials that you’ll want to look for when shopping for your next pair of motorcycle gloves. You’ll want to find a pair made from either leather or synthetic materials like Kevlar or nylon. Leather has long been the standard when it comes to motorcycle gloves, and it’s a good choice if you’re looking for full-finger gloves. It’s sturdy enough to protect you in the event of a crash, but it’s also flexible enough to make it easy to grip the controls. Synthetic materials are usually best for shorter gloves that are meant for warmer weather.

Fingers Matter

It’s important to make sure that your gloves have enough room in the fingers. This is especially true of the thumbs, since if your gloves are too tight, they can actually push against your thumbs and make it harder for you to grip the bike’s controls. If you’re shopping for full-finger gloves, the tips of your fingers should be pressing up against the fabric, but not squished or squashed. If you’re shopping for short gloves, you’ll want to check that the tips of your fingers aren’t too loose and aren’t going to get bunched up in the fabric. You’ll want to find gloves with long enough fingers so that you can still move your fingers freely and operate the bike’s controls.

Check the Grip

You don’t want to worry about your gloves slipping off while you’re riding; it’s a safety hazard and it could put you at risk of dropping your bike. But finding a pair of gloves that offers a good grip can be tricky. You can test the grip of a potential pair by grabbing the palm of the glove and pulling against it with a bit of force. If they’re made from a synthetic material, they probably won’t be as strong as leather gloves. That’s okay; you just want something that will stay on your hands even if your palms are a bit damp thanks to sweat or rain.

Make Sure They’re Comfortable

New gloves may feel weird at first, but you should eventually get used to them. If you wear a pair of gloves all the time, you should be able to get used to them over time. You should still pay attention to the fit and the materials, though. The gloves should be comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time so that your hands don’t get too tired. If they’re too tight, they may even cause blisters, which is obviously not ideal. It’s best to try on a few different pairs and pay attention to the overall fit and feel. You may even want to walk around the store for a bit to see how they feel after a bit of time. If they don’t feel right, they’re not worth buying no matter how good they look.

Look for Ventilation

If you’re going to be riding in the winter, you’ll probably want a pair of gloves with some ventilation. The best gloves will have some perforations in them so that they can let in some air while still keeping your hands warm. A pair of leather gloves will usually have some perforations in them, but you may have to look for synthetic materials that are made to allow for some ventilation. You’ll want to avoid gloves with large holes in the fingers, though. Large holes in the fingers can make it hard to operate the controls and can also lead to frostbite. If you’re riding in the warmer months, you may want to find a pair of gloves that has some sort of air-flow. You’ll want to make sure that they aren’t too thin, though, or you’ll risk them not being warm enough when the weather turns cold.

Try on a Few Different Sizes

If you want a pair of gloves that will fit you perfectly, you’ll need to try on a few different sizes. Gloves come in all different sizes, and the size of a pair of gloves may vary between different manufacturers. It’s best to try on a pair of gloves at a local store or order a few different pairs online and return the ones that don’t fit. Once you find a pair that fits you well, though, it’s worth making sure you keep them in good condition. It’s a good idea to clean your gloves regularly, and you may even want to store them in a bag so they stay clean when they aren’t in use. If you’re going to be wearing your gloves in the winter, you’ll want to make sure that you take extra care of them. You’ll want to avoid letting them get wet and you may want to store them in a container that has a warm lining to keep them dry.


When you’re shopping for motorcycle gloves, it’s worth keeping in mind that the type of material used will affect how they fit and protect you. It’s also important to make sure that your gloves have enough room in the fingers, and that they have a good grip so that they don’t slip off. You’ll also want to look for gloves with some ventilation if you’re going to be riding in the winter and make sure that you try on a few different sizes to find a pair that fits you well.

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